About respite care at Banksia Lodge

    • Step 1 – ACAT assessment

    To be eligible for respite care, the recipient will need a comprehensive assessment called an ACAT assessment.

    For information about how to obtain an ACAT assessment you can talk to your doctor, call the ACAT team directly on 1800 200 422, or visit the Government website myagedcare.gov.au

    • Step 2 – Enquire              

      If you would like to arrange for respite at Banksia Lodge, contact our Lodge Liaison Officer, Sarah Delaney on (02) 4471 6091.  Sarah will discuss your individual circumstances with you and assess whether Banksia Lodge can provide the appropriate care and services.

      To complete your application, you will also need to provide a copy of the Enduring Guardian and other legal documentation, and a range of health and medical information to complete your application.
  • Our Lodge Liaison Officer, Sarah Delaney, is happy to answer any of your questions about our respite or other aged care services.  Please call Sarah for a confidential discussion or for more information.

    Lodge Liaison Officer: Sarah Delaney
    P: 02 4471 6091
    E: sarah.delaney@banksiavillage.com.au

    You can also find out more about respite on the government’s website at www.myagedcare.gov.au or contact Centrelink.