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Consumer Engagement Forum (Consumer Advisory Body)

A requirement for all accredited Aged Care providers is to to ensure that consumers are provided with an opportunity to provide feedback about services. One way in which Banksia Lodge and Banksia Community Care provide this opportunity is to host an annual Consumer Engagement Forum. The Forum is attended by Management and members of the Board, including the Director of the Consumer Engagement Committee. Banksia Villages encourages and appreciates consumer feedback, which is an invaluable part of the continuous improvement process. The Forum takes place in November each year, with personal invitations sent to residents, clients and their representatives. To participate in the forum, please RSVP to your invitation. Consumer feedback is welcomed at all times via feedback form, phone, email or in person. Please refer to the Contact page of this website for phone or email details.

2023 Consumer Engagement Annual Forum

Meeting Minutes

Board Review of Feedback

Consumer Advisory Body Fact Sheet

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